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Beer Sheva Theater Playwright: Ephráim Sidón Director: Hanóch Rosènn The playwright: “Why go back to Commedia dell’arte? First of all, writing for well-known characters such as Arlecchino, Pantalone, and Il Dottore challenges the writer. The love affairs, the loathing, the relationships between men and women, the class differences, and the everlasting struggle between the genders are all human issues that burst forth from the improbable plots, the ongoing intrigues, the cunning schemes, and the wish to amuse and entertain. Underneath the laughter, the stage innovations, the outstanding characters, the songs, and the music, Commedia dell’arte enables us to peep into our own lives and the discontent that accompanies us throughout. In Goldoni’s Servant of Two Masters, I tried to maintain the protagonists’ traditional traits and at the same time hint to the present. The play’s uniqueness lies in its use of the musical ensemble and vocalist, which both highlight and advance the plot: a kind of Greek Chorus yet lighter in tone and much less severe; and an ensemble, which elucidates, comments on and summarizes the situation, and helps the audience to understand what is taking place. But, after all, the main objective is to entertain and make us laugh!”
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