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Jungle Book
Tarzan and Jane
Peter Pen

Tarzan & Jane  2004

Production: Tamir Productions

Director: Hanoch Rosenn

This musical is based on the well known story we all grew up on. Yehuda Levy stars as Tarzan and Yael Bar Zohar as Jane, with Tal Museri performing as Ts’ita, the ape. Members of the Tararam Group dance as the gorillas and friendly Africans.

Tarzan’s home is the forest because he grew up there without any knowledge of human civilization. He meets Jane, when she arrives there with her father, a scientist, and two scoundrels who pretend to be researchers too. Tarzan becomes disillusioned with the human race when he is betrayed by the scoundrels. Despite a quarrel of love with Jane everything ends well…

The story is told through rhythmic songs, lighting and costumes which create an entirely gratifying musical for the whole family.

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